Seven million Uniswap users have voted in support of Polygon’s deployment plan


The results are in, and the people of Uniswap have spoken. Surprisingly, almost all of the votes cast in support of deploying Uniswap on Polygon favored the integration. As a result, layer-2 protocols have been gaining a lot of traction recently.

Polygon programmers submitted a request to Uniswap’s governance site over a week ago. This is so they may sell their integration ambitions to the rest of the Uniswap community. On November 23, the first step of the governance process began. It included the Temperature Check Poll, which sought to establish a preliminary agreement on whether the plan was even worth pursuing.

Over 7.79 million Uniswap holders are said to have voted in favor of deploying Uniswap V3 to the Polygon PoS chain. Therefore, for the plan to go to the next round, just 25,000 votes were necessary.

This is the right moment for this deployment,” according to Polygon. Because it can reduce transaction fees substantially and the time users spend on the network. Particularly when dealing with Ethereum. Additionally, scaling techniques will be used to grow the decentralized exchange’s customer base and income.

Sushiswap and Aave, two of the most popular DEXs, have already been implemented on Polygon. The L2 protocol, on the other hand, is prepared to invest a significant amount of money in this integration. Uniswap’s strong market position is the primary reason.

Participation in the planning and implementation of liquidity mining initiatives falls under this category. Uniswap V3 is also being marketed as a money lego.

The plan will go to the next step now that the temperature check poll has yielded a positive result. The “Consensus Check” will be held. To go to the ultimate level of governance, it must get 50,000 positive votes. The goal of the Consensus Check is to kick off a formal conversation by establishing a new poll based on the results of the Temperature Check.

When a Twitter user pointed out that the deployment may take months to complete, Polygon co-founder Mihailo Bjelic said that it could be done much faster when the governance process is completed effectively.

Moreover, given the strong support from the Uniswap community, a delay in the process now seems improbable.

Many people are shifting to Layer-2 protocols as a result of rising petrol prices and lengthier transaction times. It expands the network’s capacity and dramatically boosts its throughput. Not to mention, Polygon has proven to be one of the most successful, with a total worth of $4.74 billion.


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