Karnataka opposition is going after the government for Bitcoin frauds and bribe allegation

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With the legislative session just 12 days ahead, the opposition parties — Congress and JDS — are actively collecting information through RTI queries and contacting intelligence sources to learn more about the government’s three major issues: the Bitcoin fraudulent activities and the bribe allegation, and rain damage.

The two opposition parties are demanding clarification in the Bitcoin fraud, which has numerous aspects of hacking and other facts and has purportedly emerged the identities of several BJP leaders. Former minister Priyank Kharge and other Congress leaders have said that they would pressure the government in the Assembly and Council on these matters.

Another problem that opposition parties want to raise with the administration is allegations of corruption in the Bengaluru Development Authority. A team of Congress leaders met with Governor Thaawarchand Gehlot and accused him of constitutional failure after civil contractors said they had to pay 40% bribes to have the projects approved.

The two opposition parties now have the burden of proving that the government’s bribe-for-project scheme occurs and that contractors must pay 5-7 percent speed money to process bills in the PWD, RDPR, Bengaluru Development, health, and other ministries. According to officials in both parties, both parties are anticipated to conduct legislative party meetings a day or two before the session.

According to sources, JDS senior leader HD Kumaraswamy, who raised various points supported by good evidence in the last session, has been relatively quiet but would nonetheless speak out during the forthcoming session’s debate.

In terms of rain damage, the government has confessed that the recent persistent rain has inundated thousands of hectares of land and claimed the lives of numerous individuals. The opposition aims to show that the administration failed to assist those who were harmed. With the Assembly elections just 17 months away, both opposition parties are anticipated to put in a lot of effort during the session to put the administration on the spot.


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